terms and conditions

Visitors to the maxxplancyinstitute.com without registration are also bound by these Terms and Conditions every time they visit the site.

The member enters into a contract with maxxplancyinstitute.com instantly after completing his/her registration procedure on the website Once a Tutor, a Student or an Institute register with maxxplancyinstitute.com their requirements are purely enquiry based.

The regularity required by the users also depends on the demand.

The website is only an interface between the Tutor and/or the Institute and the Student.

maxxplancyinstitute.com owns complete authority, if claimed by the member to hold back the registration fee givento the website for its service under any circumstance(s).

Technical faults on the site, if occurred will be attended within a very short period. Endurance for the period is to be acknowledged by the user.

Assignment work done with the help of experts in the respective fields could be resumed or completed only in the case of requests of dissatisfaction by the student.

maxxplancyinstitute.com is utterly not responsible for the disputes, if occurred between the members of the site. The Tutors qualification and/or experience is in accordance to the information given by them during registration and could be verified by the Customers for clarification purposes.

The website has complete authority to block or eliminate registered members from their listings if the member appears to be a misuser or a person who is not in harmony to the Terms and conditions of maxxplancyinstitute.com.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to the Indian law and the jurisdiction of the Indian court.